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Current Biometric Implementations
In European Union Member States

By Sébastien Baqué
Unisys Belgium)
The European Biometrics Portal
September 29, 2005


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Available At the EBP Website As of November 22, 2005

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Introduction and Credits

The European Biometrics Portal (EBP) was initiated by the European Commission on 1 October 2005, to encourage and support the exchange of information and data on biometric technology initiatives, deployments and trials in European Member States. EBP is a free service and the quality of the EBP content is dependant on the quality of contributions by its users.

Now that the service has been in operation for a while, Biometric Bits has independently gathered together in this publication the country summaries that have been posted at the EBP. We have also listed, in an appendix, all other documents posted or referenced at the EBP as of November 22, 2005.

If the EBP is to be a comprehensive, free information service for those interested in the scientific, technical, policy and practical aspects and issues relating to identity management, it must have a reliable, comprehensive and readily accessible library of information. Our intent in circulating this compilation is to stimulate contributions to the EBP collection and to promote comment concerning the accuracy and adequacy of the materials thus far posted.

In addition to functioning as an information resource, we hope that this publication will provide a basis for interested donors to provide historical and future information to the EBP, so that it can truly be a valuable identity management information resource, not only for the European Community, but also for scholars, developers, governments and other users throughout the world. It will also provide a model for similar libraries to be created in other parts of the world, working together, across language and cultural barriers, to create effective identity management systems that respect the dignity and privacy of the individual.

Our provision of all these materials does not constitute an endorsement as to accuracy or completeness by Biometric Bits or the EBP.

Henry J, Boitel                                                                                   December 2, 2005
Biometric Bits – The Key to Identity Management Information

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Table of Contents

Cover                                                                                      1

Introduction and Credits                                                         2

This Table of Contents                                                          3

Overviews on Current Biometric Implementation in
      EU Member States                                                          3-42

Appendix 1 – EBP Resource Topical Outline                       43-46

Appendix 2 – Additional Papers and Resources posted to
      the EBP, as of 22 November 2005                                  47-52