In creating this website and in managing the Biometrics Discussion Group, we can use all the help we can get.  All responses to the following requests should be directed to

1. The website

    The website will eventually include a number of distinct sections covering the range of interests in identity management. Some of these are common to all of the biometrics technologies, and others are specific to particular technologies. We need ideas as to the appropriate topical divisions and we need volunteers who would be willing to oversee the content of the various segments. Material posted on the website is intended to be an open resource to all who wish to use it, regardless of whether they are in the industry or are members of the Biometrics Discussion Group. It is also intended as a resource that will initiate or document issues that are the subjects of dialog in the Biometrics Discussion Group.

   In addition to the usual topical subjects, we are particularly looking for someone who would be interested in editing or contributing to a column devoted to humor and human interest within the area of identity management.   The lack of much popular humor in this area (aside from the ad with the person getting his head stamped and scanned) is directly related to unfamiliarity of the public with many identity management subjects.

  We are also looking for someone who would, from time to time, discuss typical statistical misunderstandings that occur in popular and/or professional discussions of identity management.

2. The Biometrics Discussion Group

  They learned a long time ago in the financial markets that, in order to keep the ball rolling, specialists and "market makers" are necessary.  Our impression is that the same applies to professionally based internet discussion groups. The nature and relative youth of biometrics and identity management have long suggested to us that there is so much overlap in interest, that  most in the list will want to receive most of the meaningful messages that are circulated.  On the other hand, threads will sometimes wander and significant timely questions will tend to get lost if we do not have some experienced people who are prepared to stimulate and moderate discussions of the various areas. So, we are looking for volunteers who will serve that function with regard to areas in which they have expertise or at least reasonable familiarity.

3. Scholarly Papers and Quality Educational Articles and Diagrams

It is difficult to keep track of the large amount of worthwhile material that is published on the internet or in the journals or is part of non-confidential corporate or government education programs.  If you or your school or company or agency should publish, or become aware of,  anything that you feel would be a welcome addition to our knowledge base, please call it to our attention.  We will be happy to publish original work in the area of identity management. Items offered for publication may first be circulated to appropriately qualified reviewers.  If you would like to be a member of our review board, please contact us.

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between advertising material and material that simply makes a fair effort to explain a technology.  We will not be carrying advertising, but we will consider for publication anything that reasonably explains some aspect of identity management technology or some problem in IM that is currently being pursued for a solution.

Calls for papers will be promptly published.

4. Scholarships, Grants and Awards

We encourage members of the identity management community to offer scholarships, grants and awards for work done or to be done by students at high school, college, graduate and post-graduate levels. We will publish without charge any straight forward announcement of the availability of such awards.