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There are five parts to this page:  A. Purpose, B. Joining the List, C. Help and Support, D. Using the List and E. List Rules

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A. Purpose

The Biometrics Discussion Group is open to all who have a serious interest in biometrics and identity management. It fills the function that was served by the Biometrics Consortium listserv from 1995 to 2005.  It is a forum for the exchange of information and the creation and maintenance of relationships within this important community of interest.  List membership is not public information. Members can simply monitor the list to read what others say. Persons who post to the list must do so under their own names. They may, but are not required to, note their organizational affiliations. Use of the list is governed by rules intended to promote forthright and courteous discussion. Before joining the Biometrics Discussion List, you should read and agree to the list rules, as set out below. The Group welcomes all points of view, but expects that members are prepared to demonstrate the validity of factual claims.

B. Joining the List

Membership in the Biometrics Discussion Group is $12.US per year. The fee covers the basics costs of the forum, keeps it free of advertising, and makes it less likely that the forum will be misused by human or electronic intruders.

You can subscribe to the list by credit card or PayPal.  You may start the process now by clicking on the Subscribe button.

It has been reported to us that the PayPal credit card facility does not work with some credit cards issued outside the United States. If you should experience that problem, then go to .  Enrollment through that route will avoid the credit card problem, and you will be billed later. If you continue to encounter a problem, send us an email directly, noting the problem and specifying your name and the email address that you will be using for the list serve. Help@BiometricBits.Com

C. Help and Support

If you should have any difficulty subscribing to or using the BDG ListServe, send an email to: We will attempt to respond as quickly as possible, and will always respond within 24 hours.

D. Using the list

The Biometrics Discussion Group ListServe functions much the same as the Biometrics Consortium listserv has functioned.

1. To post the list, a member need only address his communication to (The address can be all in lower case. We show it here in capitals so as to make the words clear.) Within a few moments that message will be automatically distributed to all members of the Group.  Messages are NOT moderated before distribution. Messages that total more than 64k will be rejected by the system and not circulated.

2. A message sent to the list by a someone who is not a member or by a suspended or terminated member will be rejected and not distributed.

3. When you receive a message from via the ListServe, you can circulate a reply simply by following the usual reply procedures of your mail client.

4. Every message distributed by the ListServe has certain information included as a footer. In order to avoid the circulation of an ever-growing sequence of footers in a discussion thread, you should delete the footer when you reply to a message.

5. Upon enrollment you will be led to a setup page. You can get to the Biometrics Discussion Group information and setup pages by going to or by pressing on this button : BDG Setup Page

6. At enrollment or thereafter, you can set or change various options, including: your password and the timing with which you receive messages (immediate or by cumulative daily batch). The password is necessary for you to make changes to your options and to access the message archive.  Upon enrollment you will receive a URL reference which will permit you to change your options or to recover your password. Password information will only be provided to your registered email address via email.

7. The ListServe has an archive that can search according to various criteria, and you can also browse through the messages. You get to the Biometric Discussion Group Archive by going to BDB Message ArchiveAccess is available only by using your password.

8. If you have any questions or difficulty with regard to the operation of the list, please send to Responses will be as prompt as possible, but always within 24 hours.

E. List Rules

1. We are the Biometrics Discussion Group. Adherence to these List Rules benefit all Biometric Discussion Group members and is required for list enrollment and continued membership. These rules substantially follow the rules and practices that were used by the Biometric Consortium listserv.

2. This Biometrics Discussion Group  is devoted to discussion of the scientific, technical, educational and policy issues relating to biometrics and identity management. It seeks to be a primary informational tool for those who wish to announce, discuss or learn about issues and developments in the use of biometrics for identity management.

3. Membership is open to all persons who have a serious interest in identity management.

4. The only limitations upon discussion are that it be collegial, relevant, concise, and not for the promotion of specific products or services. A member who makes factual claims should be prepared to reference a factual basis. Appropriately respectful debate is an indispensable component to the successful operation of  the Group.

5. The sharing of information amongst the biometric research community, biometric technology providers, and biometric technology users is one of the key benefits of the Biometric Discussion Group. Vendors are encouraged to participate in discussions and their technical contributions are welcome. The difference between scientific, technical and policy discussion, on the one hand,  and marketing or puffery, on the other, is a matter of sound judgment, and list members are expected to appropriately use such judgment. Similarly, persons who are not within the biometrics scientific or technical community, are welcome as members if they have an active interest in the the technology or in public or commercial policy relating to identity management.

6. Please keep in mind that when you reply to a message, it will be broadcast to the entire discussion group. If you wish your reply to go only to a particular person or persons, make certain that you modify the "To" field accordingly and delete the ListServe address. When you send a message, please reflect on the audience you wish to reach.

7. If you wish to discuss any problem in list functionality or if you have any suggestions concerning list rules, please send your comments via email to

8. Views and opinions expressed in postings are those of the authors and are not to be attributed to the list management or to other list members.

9. Unless a list member has given a blanket authorization in advance, a list member's comments should not be quoted off-list without first obtaining that member's permission. We wish to encourage the free and responsible exchange of ideas in a conversational environment.  Re-broadcasting of list correspondence is prohibited.  So long as the letter and spirit of this paragraph are not violated as to the comments of others: a) a
ListServe member may externally re-publish his own comments in any way he chooses, .and b) this paragraph is not intended to prevent the use of  a ListServe discussion thread for the purpose of fashioning a public or private article or report on the subject discussed.

10. A list member's comments should not be attributed to his or her employer or organization, unless the member explicitly claims to be speaking in the capacity of a representative of  that employer or organization.

11. The use or occurrence on the list of profanity, libel and slander, as well as other civil wrongs and criminal acts are prohibited.

12. Under special  circumstances we can arrange to delete a message from the archive.  A request for such deletion may be made to  Help@BiometricBits,com,  specifying the reason for the request.  Deletion is subject to the final discretion of List Management. A change of view by an author or simple disagreement with a view expressed by another, are not a basis for deletion of a message. Such matters can be addressed by subsequent correspondence to the Group.  Matters that would qualify for consideration are: a) Unintentional sending of a message to the list that reveals the writer's confidential information or violates these rules; b) A claimed violation of these rules to the continuing prejudice of  others or in a way that would bring the Biometric Discussion Group into disrepute.

13. Membership and continued membership on the list is subject to the absolute discretion of the list management. Without limiting the foregoing statement,  a list member can have posting privileges suspended or have membership terminated if these rules are violated. Persons who are terminated from the list will be entitled to a refund of  a pro rated portion of their paid subscription fee.

14, Proposals for modification of these rules may be made or discussed on the
ListServe, but changes shall be in the final discretion of list management.

15. The list management and members will not be responsible for errors and omissions not under their immediate control, and by enrolling in the list, members release list management and other members from liability for any unintentional errors and omissions or failures of list functionality and from the intentional violation of these rules by another list member.